Spray gun cleaner

Robotic electrostatic high-speed bell soray gun or electrostatic air guns have been widely use for sprating of car body , bumper , auto parts , motorcycle plastic parts , bicycle frame. On the high-speed production line, cleaning procewss takes long time in manually remove the cap and bell cup then clean the paint taht affects production efficiency. And the cleaning personnel may damage the cap or bell cup, resulting quality is affected. The solvent used for cleaning is corrosive and can hurt the human skin. Therefore, the automatic cleaning machine of the bell cup and the spray gun becomes important in the high-quality, mass-production line.

Improve the intensity of cleaning nozzles

Collect VOC emissions and reduce pollution!

Short cleaning time ; reduced solvent consumption

Increase the yield rate of coating line


Automobile industry, motorcycle industry, bicycle industry, wood industry, electronics industry, IT industry

Item No.ItemSpecifications
2TheorySpray and dry
3Body materialStainless steel
4Air connection7.5X 10
5Solvent connection7.5X 10
6Air requirements0.5MPa
7Solvent requirements0.5MPa coarse filtration
8Installation methodFloor sewer, barreled
9Floor areaL500*W500mm
10Weight15 Kg (floor sewer)

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